• How will someone with a dog allergy react to chiengora?

People with allergies to dogs are reacting to dander and oil from the epidermal layer of skin. When the under lair sheds, these oils and skin particles can be washed off the hair using the special techniques of Chiengora Fibers.

• Is it cruel to use your dog hair?

Not at all! On the contrary, using dog hair for fiber actually promotes a healthier lifestyle for them because of the brushing and grooming you will give your pet. For a healthy and happy dog, exercise and groom them daily, making sure to include a balanced and nutritious diet. Remember, your dogs coat is only as healthy as the food you feed them!

• How do I know if I can have my pets’ hair spun?

Any animal that has a double or triple coat and sheds annually can be hand spun. Cats and rabbits make excellent yarn, with a very soft and luxurious feel. If your dog does not shed, then you can ask your groomer to clip a minimum of 3 inches in length, as evenly as possible to avoid different fiber lengths.

• Will I smell “wet dog” if my chiengora gets wet?

Chiengora Fibers uses special techniques to clean and deodorize fiber so that it is virtually odorless when you receive it. Like any natural fiber including wool, chiengora will have a very mild odor when it gets wet. But it will not smell like your wet dog!

• Why does chiengora have a “halo” effect?

Much like angora, the hair of a rabbit, chiengora gets fuzzy with wear. The “halo” effect is a coveted trademark of this exotic fiber. The reason chiengora gets fuzzy is because it lacks the elasticity of wool. Wool often appears crimped and is stretchy, where chiengora is not.

• Is it true that chiengora is 80% warmer than wool?

Yes, chiengora is incredibly warm, 80% warmer than wool! Chiengora mitts will keep your hands warm on even the coldest winter day.

• I've heard that dog hair needs to be blended with wool in order to be spun properly. Is this true?

No. Dog hair does not have to be blended with wool in order to be hand spun into a strong, soft fiber. Chiengora Fibers guarantees that your fiber will not be blended unless specifically requested.

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