Chiengora Care Instructions

Store in a dry, breathable environment. Hand wash or dry clean only.

Fill sink with mildly warm water and add one tablespoon of color-free liquid laundry detergent. Soak garment for 45 minutes. DO NOT AGITATE OR USE HOT WATER. If garment is very soiled repeat above a second time. Drain sink and fill again with mildly warm water to rinse. Soak garment for 30 minutes. If you have a top loading washing machine, garment may be placed on spin cycle for 2 minutes to gently drain water, but do not agitate in water. If you do not have a spin cycle, gently towel dry and lye flat to dry.*

Sizing Chart

Your head size is determined by measuring the largest part of your head across your forehead and just above your ears. The following are average sizing measurements.

Toque Size Circumference of head in Inches
SMALL (child) 19"-20.5"
MEDIUM (women) 21.5"-22.5"
LARGE (men) 23"-24"

Your hand size is determined by measuring the width of your palm, just above your thumb. The following are average sizing measurements.

Mitts Size Circumference of palm in Inches
SMALL (youth) 6.5"
MEDIUM (women) 7.5"
LARGE (men) 8.5"

*Chiengora Fibers is not responsible for any damage that may result from hand washing chiengora.

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