Brush you dog! Pet hair that once seemed like a burden now has a useful purpose. Simply save your brushed hair and store it in a paper bag or a breathable box, not in plastic. Your raw fiber needs to breath, and if stored in a plastic bag it will naturally felt.

Felting: produced by matting, condensing and pressing together of wool fibers

Send me a picture! I will spend many hours meticulously processing your pet’s hair in order to create the perfect keepsake from you cherished companion. A picture is the best way for me to get to know your dog or pet without actually getting to meet them.


  • Step 1 Brush your dog and store the hair in paper, not plastic
  • Step 2 Take a picture (of your pet!)
  • Step 3 Complete an on-line order form
  • Step 4 Mail your fiber with a picture to Chiengora Fibers

Please note only brushed undercoat 3" or longer will be accepted. Clipped hair is no longer accepted.

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